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We used to keep samples of each item we produced but realized very quickly that we didn't have room to store them all...and nobody really cared about shirts we did years ago...however cool they may have been. Now we keep enough samples on hand to show the different shirts we offer. We don't always have the time to photograph our shirts so some of the pictures you will see are not of the actual finished product but rather the artwork that went on the item. If a picture looks a little fuzzy, or distorted here or's probably a digital photo of the actual shirt. 

We do many of the same shirts year after year but have limited the number of samples to one or two in order to save time and space. We've also tried to limited each area to 25 samples or less. We try to change them periodically as new projects are completed.

The designs you see are a combination of our custom designs and customer provided art or ideas. All artwork is the property of the designer and/or Accent On Graphics and should not be reproduced without written permission.

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