The Logo Design Process

The following sets of pictures will give you a feel for the thought process behind some of our company logo designs. We start by learning about your business. We ask questions about your customers, vision, product(s) or service(s), and the image you want to project. Initially, we show between two and four designs. It has been our experience that, trying to sound as modest as possible, you will probably like one of them. If you don't, we will continue this process until we create the perfect logo for your business.

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Logo Design Set One

Touch of web1.gif (10862 bytes)  Touch of web2.gif (32011 bytes)  Touch of web3.gif (11791 bytes)

Logo Design Set Two

Smart 1.gif (7235 bytes)  Smart 3.gif (13117 bytes)  Smart 4.gif (17600 bytes)  Smart 2.gif (14510 bytes)

Logo Design Set Three

We've only had one instance when we felt we were spinning our wheels. In this case, the client wasn't being honest about what they really wanted. They were telling us what direction others had told them they should be going in. Once they told us their true feelings, we were able to design the perfect logo for them. The moral of this true to yourself and the vision you have for your business. Logo Design  

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