Optional Business Card Services




Initial Layout - Design (If artwork isn't provided)

*If Accent On Graphics designed your logo, your card layout is free.  If we didn't design your logo and you would like us to do your card layout, your base cost will be $15 and we will give you a estimation of total cost based on your logo and any information you want on the card. 

$15 min*

Logos  -  Borders  -  Vertical Layouts Flat Printing (allow one extra day)

No Charge



Proof  (Allow 2 Days)


Alteration of Customer supplied artwork

$5 min

Bleed  (each side) $10
Close color registration under 1/16"  (no traps please) $10
Critical registration - 1 pt. or less $20
Non-standard ink color combination $20
Special Ink wash-up  (PMS Color Match) per color $50
Third standard ink color combination $50

We also offer stock logos and borders. Please email us with a specific request and we will email your choices.

We also keep a wide variety of trademarked logos in stock. All trademarks represented by the logos in our collection are registered by their respective owners and are to be used by authorized advertisers only. It is the responsibility of each intended user to take appropriate steps to assure that the proper authorization exists when a logo is used. 


All customer provided artwork must be clean black and white copy (positives). The following types of artwork will not reproduce clearly.

A. Colors other than black.  B. Photo copies.  C. Previously printed cards.  D. Artwork on colored stock.  E. Artwork done in pencil, pen, or marker.


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