Tie Dye Questions & Answers

Q: What exactly is Tie Dye?

A: Click here for more information.


Q: Do you provide screen printing and/or embroidery services for my Tie Dyed items?

A: Yes, click here to get a quote.


Q: What kind of shirts do you use?

A: We use only the highest quality 100% cotton shirts.


Q: Why 100% cotton?

A: Anything that's less tends to not dye very well, and the colors look faded. The closer to 100% cotton - the better.


Q: I've bought tie dyes before and they bleed and/or fade - will yours?

A: No. We use reactive dyes which permanently bond with the fabric, so there's no chance of fading or washing out.


Q: Do you have any special washing instructions?

A: It's a good idea to wash the shirts separately the first couple of times, just as you would any other brightly-colored garment.


Q: If I send you a shirt or other clothing article, can you dye it?

A: It depends on the item. All orders would be priced on a case-by-case basis. If we can dye it, please make sure you provide as close to 100% cotton as possible.


Q: Why doesn't my shirt look exactly like the pictures on your website?

A: Tie Dye is not an exact science, and since our shirts are hand-dyed, each one is unique.  It's not possible to have the colors fall in the same place on every shirt.  It's actually one of the reasons people buy our shirts. Even in a large group everyone will show a little individuality.


Q: Can I customize colors?

A: Absolutely. Check out our Custom page!!


Q: Are the custom color shirts more expensive?

A: Not at all, but keep in mind that we have a 12-piece minimum per color/design.


Q: If I see a shirt somewhere else that I like, can you match it?

A: Possibly. Different companies use different methods, so we'll try our best.


Q: I want to try this at home, can you tell me how to tie dye?

A: Due to the large amount of industrial chemicals that used in our shirts, it probably wouldn't be feasible to try our methods of dyeing at home. However, there are a lot of good "How To"  websites out there.


Q: Can you dye a shirt with a shape on it (like peace signs, crosses, etc.)?

A: No, we are not set up to dye any kind of shape.  We only offer spiral designs.


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